Allow yourself the benefit of joint exploration!

Healing is direct and simple (yes!), because the source in you is (still) the SAME.
Together we penetrate the CONSCIOUSNESS of your whole Self, opening the door from the inside. The result is always the same: Ancient blockages and pain will be released and transcended.

AND: You’ve got a new healing tool to use every day!😊

You experience the effect immediately. One appointment can change a lot.
I love this work and welcome you to this graceful space!

Duration: 80 minutes*

Within 2 days after your registration you will receive an info-mail with my three next suggested appointments and of course the opportunity to suggest other appointments yourself.
Generall coaching hours: Mon-Fri between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Berlin time

By Zoom or phone. If the appointment takes place via Zoom, the conversation can be recorded at your request and made available to you afterwards.

Financial contribution: 89€* ,
payable within 24h before the mentoring session.
*Coaching/mentoring sessions exceeding one unit will be charged pro rata, if applicable.



One single mentoring with Anja
Duration: 80 minutes
According to an individual appointment by e-mail

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Mo -Fr. 10:00 - 18:00

Tel.: +49 531 40208007 (Mob. Festnetz)

Mail: info(at)


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