At TRUE BEING you receive individual help with your change of mind.

You may have already noticed that the common factor in all your “problem areas” is always yourself?
You are already open to finding the cause for all the situations you perceive as problematic within yourself?

Because the good news is: ONLY because of this fact is -literally- every problem solvable!

If the cause were outside, we would be powerless.
Because it lies within ourselves, in our views, beliefs and imprints,
we have the power to heal all these situations.

I am available to guide you through this change of mind, inner healing and forgiveness through specific consciousness training and to walk through it with you.

Through mentoring/coaching, practical meetings and deepening retreats, your sovereignty and inner stability in dealing with any apparent problem that arises is expanded and finally anchored.

Old imprints, patterns and world views are dissolved
and make room for spiritual and emotional as well as physical wholeness and healing.

Inner security and self-love are no mysteries. They are in fact what we are really created of.

I am happy to help you to free yourself from inner doubts and blockages, to (re)recognise the core of your being and to enjoy your life in this freedom.

In person, by phone or online.

The actual goal and natural consequence of my training and coaching 
is to lovingly bring one’s own CENTER fully back to consciousness and to strengthen it – for inner sovereignty and  happiness in all life situations.

Anja Richter

Because: Behind every problem
lies ONE SINGLE problem:

Our unconscious splitting off from our inner Core-Being (God).

However, as soon as we manage to withdraw our attention from the outside and turn it back inwards to this SOURCE, the SOLUTION of every problem lies clearly and tangibly before us in a single moment.

In contact with our innermost reality, inner connection, inner peace, healing and relaxation arise again. New abilities can be discovered, relationships receive more clarity and co-creation through our own SELF-security. A fundamental change in our consciousness and awareness takes place. We live from our centre and are an inspiration for others.

Healing and forgiveness are not a mystery, but relaxed, easy and simple.

That is what I stand for.




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