Invitation to YOU

How satisfying whatsoever our life might have been so long (or not) – there is this recognition in a truthful moment with ourselves when we have to acknowledge that happiness and safety always seem to be quite a fragile thing – dependent on external circumstances like relationships and family, physical health, work, money etc. We all know this feeling to be at the mercy of fate and we are trying -nevertheless- to keep it under control as good as possible and based on our past experiences.

We might be more or less successful in it – deep inside a vague, lurking feeling remains, whispering that none of it really is and has ever been in our hands. It is this feeling that drives and motivates almost all our daily situations. Be it our look into the wardrobe every morning, our daily way to work, the encounters with colleagues, the partner, kids, the doctor – what is it that really drives our actions: fear or love? Avoiding or perfect openness and acceptance? The choice of the lesser evil or childlike curiosity and wonder?

Ask yourself

How do you wake up in the morning? Deeply happy, in perfect safety, in deeply felt certainty that absolutely nothing threatening can happen to you, no matter what? And – hand on heart: Shouldn’t that be the natural state of every living being? What else would be the meaning of life?

The question about the meaning of life actually represents a huge chance to get back into connection with our inherent safety. The REALITY that doesn’t have anything in common with the thought construct that has been building our image of the world.

How can I tell what’s true about me? How do I recognize at all, that something is true?

When something is true – is there an opposite? Can something be true for somebody and for somebody else not? Or must it not be a condition of truth itself that it is true for all and everybody?

What, then, might truth be? Is there something at all that applies to absolutely everything and everybody?

There is something in YOU, that lets you TRUST that you will awaken the next morning after going to bed at night. A CONFIDENCE that actually has helped you out of many a seemingly complicated or hopeless situation. A CERTAINTY that wasn’t rooted in any external circumstance but is stirring inside, whispering: DON’T WORRY. Something eternal, carrying you in this world of time and space – whether you realize it or not.

The project TRUE BEING is an expression of this inner call to (re-)acknowledge and accept our inheritance of perfect inner safety and the deepest inner peace.

This project wants to serve the purpose to bring the pearl of the TRUTH of our BEING to the LIGHT again, to finally outshine everything else that seemed real to us before.

If you feel inspired, be welcome and invited to explore the truth about you together with us in great curiosity, playfulness and wonder.

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